Telford International Centre has launched what is thought to be an industry-first, by creating a short film that not only showcases the venue and its services, but also delivers a story of intrigue and a nail-biting race against time. Filmed entirely on location at Telford International Centre and produced as a high-end cinematic experience,  the film showcases the venue while also working as a standalone piece of entertainment.


The leading UK conference and events centre worked with a specialist team, comprising film producers and technicians, professional actors and script writers. They worked together to develop the heist-themed story, flesh out the characters, and provide an authentic ‘Hollywood’ feel to the end production.


By bringing the space to life in a way that event organisers and agencies can engage with, the film (entitled The Heist) forms the basis of a multi-platform marketing campaign that aims to further distinguish the venue in an increasingly competitive market.


Mathew James, Group Marketing Communications Manager at Telford International Centre comments:


“My passion has always been to innovate marketing within the event venue industry for Telford International Centre. The Heist is just another example of where we have started with a very clear objective and vision of success, and worked with the best possible people to make that vision a reality.


“This film forms part of a wider plan to bring the venue to life for key audiences. It cuts across disciplines such as direct mail, events, social media, digital and direct selling, which means the longevity and impact is going to result in a very good ROI. It gives us a great reason to continue to talk to people about our distinguishing features in the event market, and literally shows people how we like to do things differently.”


Telford International Centre worked with branding and creative services agency Born Communication to create, develop and bring The Heist to life. Mathew continues:


“It’s important to work with people that bring new and exciting thinking to the table, and Born did exactly that on this campaign.  They were instrumental in adding touches of absolute genius to the end product, which was really important.”


Ricky Hill from Born comments:


“It’s always great to work with clients who want to push boundaries and try something fresh. TIC was really open to us being as creative as possible with this project, and from day one we were all on the same page about creating something that stood out and felt memorable. Nicely shot venue showreels have their place, but they soon become indistinguishable from one another; the challenge we set ourselves was to produce something that entertained and gave people something to talk about, while still showcasing everything the centre has to offer.”


The Heist was premiered at a closed event in July 2019 in front of over 140 event industry specialists, and will make its wider public premier imminently via Telford International Centre on Youtube Premiers on 23 August 2019. (link

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