When automotive manufacturer Toyota looked to bring their dealership staff together to experience the new Toyota CH-R, they wanted an event that was not only educational but also a memorable experience. With this goal in mind, the team reached out to Telford International Centre to create a setup that embodied Toyota’s brand values.

Taking place at Telford International Centre’s Ludlow suite, the event brought together over 1,250 employees from across the country for a learning experience like no other. From becoming a true extension of the business to teaching delegates in a unique way, Toyota and Telford International Centre collaborated to create a launch event that stayed with the attendees long after they returned to their dealerships. 1. Embracing omotenashi
As a Japanese business, Toyota has embraced the country’s deep routed culture of wholeheartedly looking after guests, otherwise known as Omotenashi. By foreseeing people’s needs, surpassing expectations, and paying attention to even the smallest of details, the business can ultimately express gratitude to the recipient. This philosophy ensures everybody has a tailored and unique experience at every event they attend.

During the planning of the C-HR launch, the Toyota team made it clear that their culture needed to be embraced at Telford International Centre to ensure that all guests had a unique and unforgettable experience. To fully understand Omotenashi, Telford International Centre’s Event Manager, Izzy Plain, and Food & Beverage General Manager, Rachael Smith, were invited to the Toyota Academy and saw the hospitality being enacted first hand. Not only the Academy’s provision of training but notably from a delegate experiential approach as its primary goal to embed learning alongside experience.

The 1,250 delegates were split into ten groups over 10 days, with each cohort having its own event and a Toyota Academy facilitator. The delegates were not only offered the chance to get to know the new vehicle but also taught key messages around groundbreaking technology and the companies position in market. On top of Telford International Centre’s typical business class service, each group received an identical set up over the ten days, with the same staff presiding over attendees. Alongside this, the food and beverage team developed both Japanese and western menu choices and remained on hand throughout their stay to ensure every need was catered for. This truly encapsulated Omotenashi, ensuring the same opportunities were experienced by each and every delegate.2. Creating an immersive experience
Creating a memorable event was a vital requirement from the Toyota team, not only to ensure that attendees could learn about the all-new C-HR, but also to make sure that they enjoyed themselves.

The team at Toyota and AGA Performance approached StagecraftUK, Telford International Centre’s technical experts, with an extensive floorplan on how they wanted to transform the Ludlow suite into the all-new C-HR product launch event. This included dividing the suite into separate rooms to accommodate breakout spaces, a seminar area and 15 vehicles. Overall, the Ludlow suite became three unique areas complete with Toyota’s branding.

Delegates were also encouraged to submit their photos and feedback via a live feed web-based app during the event to showcase their experience. Working with StagecraftUK, these comments were then projected onto the walls in the event arena to help inspire and motivate others, further establishing the sense of togetherness over the ten-day event. These activities were also posted on social media by the delegates resulting in the event reaching a wide and varied audience. 3. Utilising Telford International Centre’s services
To ensure that Telford International Centre was able to provide a complete Omotenashi experience to their delegates, the team strived to create a delicious and unforgettable dining event.

The Toyota team selected a rotating three-day menu comprising of a selection of meat, fish and vegan options for breakfast and lunch, alongside dietary specific meals for those with intolerances and allergies. Throughout the event, the Telford International Centre team kept a close eye on the attendees needs and preferences.

Comfortable overnight accommodation was also key. This was due to some delegates travelling across the country and flying in from various locations as Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and even the Shetlands. Attendees were also able to take advantage of Telford’s onsite hotel accommodation. Telford International Centre offers over 400 rooms either on-site or within a minute’s walk distance, providing rest and relaxation after the day’s events. 4. Fully experiencing the new Toyota C-HR
Starting in Telford International Centre’s car park facilities, attendees were given the opportunity to drive the all-new Toyota C-HR on the different types of roads in and around the Telford area. This way the learning did not just take place inside the venue; the new vehicle’s additional and upgraded features could be experienced in the real world.

By putting all the theory learned during the day into practice, delegates could explore the benefits, making it easier for them to sell the vehicle to future customers. 5. Learning in a unique way
Alongside learning about the all-new Toyota C-HR through seminars, demonstrations and test drives, delegates were able to discover their target demographic through a personalised game. Built by the StagecraftUK team in a section of the Ludlow suite, the fun way of learning was designed by Toyota as part its team’s detailed brief.

Built to resemble a customer’s living room, delegates could discover who would be likely to purchase the vehicle by finding different clues. Through this unique and exciting method, delegates were able to walk away from the event knowing key demographics and attributes of potential buyers. The response
Both during and following the event, the response from the delegates was incredibly positive. An overwhelming majority of visitors submitted positive feedback, praising both the venue and the vehicle.

Pete Emmerson, Learning and Development Manager at Toyota UK said: “For many years, we have hosted our events at various locations, where our delegates became accustomed to what at times felt like a traditional approach to a learning experience, coupled with traditional hospitality expectations.

“When we approached Telford International Centre, we had a specific plan and vision for the event to ensure our delegates were offered a unique, engaging, and memorable experience. We were very keen to create an event which would stand out against what may well have been our delegates assumed expectations based upon previous experiences. It is safe to say that the team exceeded all our expectations and delivered a unique and memorable event.

“Hosting at Telford International Centre showed us we can absolutely define and deliver our hospitality culture elsewhere and still create memorable moments. We’re looking forward to hosting other events in Telford in the future.”

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