Sustainability and event harnessing are expected to influence the events and conference sectors in 2024, according to Telford International Centre.

With the AEV Association of Event Venues Ltd having already established an industry initiative to help address climate change challenges, sustainability is expected to be more important than ever when it comes to hosting events and conferences. Telford International Centre, which is a leading and active member of the AEV, is expected to be net zero by no later than 2050, and has already invested in ways to improve the efficiency of its spaces.

Alison Griffin, Managing Director at Telford International Centre said: “Our stance firmly focuses on practical steps of betterment - such as recent and significant investment in 10,000sqm of LED lighting replacement, installation of EV chargers and food waste process change to through cycle as renewed energy.

“Working in partnership with our clients, we can offer services such as carbon planned menus, energy usage monitoring and reduction of single use event waste. The key is the relationship and aim between venues, organisers and suppliers to run the very best events now with 2050 objectives at our heart.”

Telford International Centre is also anticipating an increased focus on event harnessing in 2024. This trend centres around taking the atmosphere from the event and capturing it into an extended communications piece, maximising the return on investment of the event.

Acknowledging the hard work that goes into hosting corporate and trade events, Alison’s advice is to think much bigger than just the live date: “The buzz and adrenaline created on the day presents a perfect opportunity to build long term relationships with delegates, by staying in touch with key messages and tantalising them with future occasions. Remember, our industry is vital and busy so secure your next set of venue dates at the earliest opportunity and always have them in your delegates’ diaries ready - we all like something to look forward to!”

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